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How to Sell your Jewelry to “We Buy Diamonds” Stores

Sell Your Diamond Jewelry to Gilbert Gold

Thinking of selling some jewelry to stores with big “We Buy Diamonds” signs out their window? If you feel unsure about transacting with these stores, then here are a few pointers that might be able to help you out.

Make your inquiries

The only way that you’ll be able to tell if a business is legit is by actually visiting the “We Buy Diamonds” store. Set an appointment and have a talk with the store’s certified gemologist. If at any point you start to feel like something’s not right with the process, just walk out and check out the other stores.

Know the appraisal process

Make sure that you know how the appraisal process works. Do a bit of research on the 3 Cs of diamond appraisal. Carat, Cut and Clarity. Have all authenticity papers in handy just in case it comes up.

Name your price

If you’re confident that you have a big ticket item in your hands, start the negotiation process rolling. don’t be afraid to start your pricing a bit high since most “We Buy Diamonds” store will do what they can to get you to the lowest price.

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