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Gold Buyers: The Best Prices for Gold in Gilbert

Gilbert Gold is experienced and skilled when it comes to the buying and selling of gold and other precious jewelry (e.g. diamond, platinum and silver). In spite of the stiff competition in the gold business, the residents of Gilbert, Tempe, Mesa and Chandler have continued to prefer Gilbert Gold when it comes to instant cash for gold.Gold Wedding Ring With Diamonds

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The prices of gold have risen steadily over the past couple of months, hence creating an opportune time for persons with precious family heirlooms like gold and platinum to get a return on investment on their jewelry. It does not matter whether your gold jewelry is broken, scratched or outdated. No matter what condition your gold may be in, we will pay you top dollar for it. Then again, if you are not certain if the family heirloom passed to you by your parents or grandparents is gold we will be more than willing to analyze it. Moreover, you will not incur any charge. Therefore, you no longer have an excuse for not wanting to pay us a courtesy call. By the time you’ll be walking out of our store, you’ll not only be wearing a wide grin, but will be carrying a sizable check. Our aim is to make you a life customer so that when you have precious jewelry that you would like to get rid of, you’ll think of us.

But, it is not just the price of gold that has rise by leaps and bounds over the last 12 months. The values of silver and platinum have also shot through the roof. Hence, do not hesitate to bring to us some of the silverware in your house and platinum jewels filling your bedroom. We guarantee that you’ll get the best prices for your jewels.

What are some of the things that you can get rid of?

Have you of late been feeling as if your wedding band or ring has been getting smaller? Has your watch stopped working because you cannot find a battery replacement? Do you feel as if your jewelry collection is in dire need of repair? Bring to us all of your favorite jewelry that you no longer need and we will provide you with the best prices in the market.

Why Customers Prefer Us

The scales that we use to measure gold in all our premises are certified. Therefore, you’ll not feel as if we are short-changing you. If you are looking for information on diamonds or platinum you can visit those pages as well for more information.


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