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Getting Cash for Silver Jewelry

Sell Your Silver Jewelry to Gilbert Gold

Although silver isn’t really worth as much as gold or platinum, you can still get some extra cash for silver jewelry. Want to know how you can get started on selling some of your silver jewelry? Here are a few tips.

One of the first things that you need to do is look up silver’s price on the market. Don’t be discouraged if it’s lower than you expect. The price changes on a daily basis so it’s just a matter of knowing the right time to sell.

Next, collect all your broken pieces of silver jewelry and see if there are local shops who will be interested to give cash for silver. Steer clear from pawnshops because they’ll only lowball you for scrap pieces.

Make sure to set aside heirloom pieces that are considered antique. You’ll get a better price for these pieces if you offer them to legitimate silver collectors.

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