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Gilbert Gold: Fast Cash for Gold, Diamonds, Platinum & Silver

Gilbert Gold is the only gold and silver buyer in Gilbert, Arizona that offers honest and unbiased prices on the gold and silver heirlooms brought to it by customers in the Gilbert and the wider Arizona area for sale. In addition to offering you unbeatable prices on gold, silver, platinum and diamond, we will also provide you with free consultations in regards to buying and selling of gold and silver. Our business is fully licensed and our A+ rating is one of the reasons why you should bring us your platinum jewelry that you want to dispose of while at the same time getting the best price on them. We provide a lot of valuable information to our customers and we even provide the current price of these metals by visiting here.

Get Paid Cash for Gold

Get Paid Cash on the spot for gold jewelry

Get Paid Cash For Diamonds

While you may have got the impression that we only deal in gold and silver from the introductory paragraph, you will be happy to hear that we buy diamond jewelry. Diamond and gold are just but some of the heirlooms that are passed from one generation to the other. But with time, there are those people who may want to get rid of some of the diamond, silver, gold and platinum jewelry as a way of earning extra income or means of getting extra cash to acquire brand-new jewelry. We Will Pay You Cash For Your Diamonds

If you are one of those people who would like to get rid of their unwanted gold, silver, diamond or platinum jewelry, we would like to encourage you to pay us a courtesy call or walk into one of our many shops in the Gilbert area for appraisal of your jewelry.

Why Should You Sell Us Your Silver?

Whereas we would like to blow our own horns, we prefer to let our customers do the talking on our behalf. The moment you walk into any of our shops in the Gilbert area or call our customer care desk, in addition to the information you request for, we will provide you with at least 3-4 referrals and testimonials. By doing so, we are giving you the chance to do a little bit of digging on our background. Listed below, are some of the things you are most likely to unearth from some of the clients you’ll talk to about us:

We use certified scales while trying to determine the weight of your gold and diamond jewelry.

We provide you with up to 7 days to think about the offer we have provided you with.

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